The following is a general sign up page for EXPLOREWITHMAX Photo retreats along with Pratik Naik, please provide the requested information and we will get back to you with detailed itinerary of your selected tour or tours, a booking confirmation, and required deposit info.


Adventure awaits!

Join us on this epic excursion where we spend 7 days learning to master our craft of photography in some of the most beautiful locations on earth. Each tour has 1-on-1 education time where we focus on your own specific photo goals while also being a part of a creative journey with other like-minded creatives. Our goals as your host is for you to leave this trip inspired to travel more, having grown as a photographer, and to be part of an amazing creative community that will always be there to support you. So don't miss out on this opportunity and select the trip (or trips) that you want to experience!

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Photography, Video and Editing overview

  • In person instruction at every location, addressing your own photo goals.

  • Landscape composition and editing.

  • On locations portraits, lighting, and retouching

  • Intro to adventure video shoots and edits

  • Multiple editing tutorials with Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Portfolio building and critic on the during last day.

  • Social media growth strategy and Influence

  • Industry information and shooting gui


Extra's, Location's, and the Group

  • Each tour you will be exploring with 5 other like minded photographer looking to collaborate and grow there photo skills just like you!

  • We will be photographing everything from Landscapes, Cityscapes, to epic vistas, and adventure lifestyle portraits.

  • All the photo locations are thoughtfully and persoanly chosen locations to provide the best experience!

  • Every group is filled with like minded and friendly creatives looking to have a fun time and make new friends.

  • The last day of each trip will have a special farewell experience ranging from a relaxing Hot spring to group dinner and drinks!